[Review] Popp Wall Plug Switch Indoor


While trying to automate different functions in my flat there was need for some wall plug switches. Already having the Fibaro FIBEFGWPF-102 and the Aeon Labs Smart Switch 6 the Popp Wall Plug Switch was quite interesting due to its lower price and Z-Wave Plus functionality. After some doubts two of the Smart Wall Plugs (POPE009006) were ordered.


The documentation of the Wall Plug Switch is quite spare. There is not much information but having in-/excluded lots of Z-Wave devices the inclusion was not a Problem. The device comes with an auto include mode so the master controller has just to be but in the inclusion mode, too. For completeness there is a description how to exclude/reset in this article.


While the exterior was a little bit bigger then the other wall plug switches but still quite appealing, operating the device was rather frustrating. Originally the idea was to operate the christmas lights with the wall plug. However the led christmas lights have a small transformer (6VA) and this tiny induction was enough to prevent the relay from working properly. When the device received an Off-Command the relay would tictac for about 3 seconds until it would turn off. Plugging a normal switching power supply from an old laptop parallel to the led lights solved the issue (because of the capacitive part).

The wall plug switch then was used to switch the coffee machine. Since this is a pure resistive load this worked for about two weeks. Then the wall plug was unable to switch the device off. Pressing the button had no effect, too.

Both wall plugs were then send back during warranty.

In-/Exclusion and Reset

In-/Exclusion works through a tripple-click on the button, but unfortunately not networkwide.

For a reset the configuration menu hast to be entered by pressing the button for five seconds. The led should blink blue to show that the menu was entered successfully. The button has to be pressed shortly until the led lights up red. A long press on the button then performs a reset of the device.


Despite the attractive pricing and Z-Wave Plus functionality the Popp wall plug switch can not be recommended. There seems to be something fundamentally wrong with the relay or the way it is controlled.
For a little bit more money the Fibaro FIBEFGWPF delivers much more reliable functionality and it even has power measurement.

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