Review: NodOn – The Soft remote

The Soft Remote

The soft remote by NodOn is a small and quadratic ZWave sensor. It hast four buttons. For each for the four buttons it can report a simple press, double press, long press and button release. It is magnetic so it does stick to refrigerator doors or heating radiators and it is powered by a CR2032.


Network Inclusion

Inclusion is easy and well documented. After a simultaneous press on filled circle and plus the center led lights up in pink. Another pink confirmation blink is shown after another full circle press. Now it may take up to 30 seconds until the successful inclusion is indicated by a green blink.

Changing parameters

Changing parameters is easy and works almost instantly, since the device wakes up after any button press and listens for communication. How this impacts battery life will show over time.

Integration in Openhab

Change configuration parameter

To make the device work with Openhab a change in the scene type is required. This can be achieved by changing parameter 3 to „1“. After a short button press the desired log entries can be found:

No item bound for event, endpoint = 0, command class = SCENE_ACTIVATION, value = 10, ignoring.


Now the required configuration entries in an items-file can be made:

Number		NodOn_Battery			"Nodon [%d %%]"		{ zwave="22:command=battery" }
Contact		NodOn_Circle_single		"NodOn Circle"		{ zwave="22:command=SCENE_ACTIVATION,scene=10,state=1" }
Contact		NodOn_Circle_double		"NodOn Circle"		{ zwave="22:command=SCENE_ACTIVATION,scene=13,state=1" }
Contact		NodOn_Circle_long		"NodOn Circle"		{ zwave="22:command=SCENE_ACTIVATION,scene=12,state=1" }
Contact		NodOn_Circle_release	"NodOn Circle"		{ zwave="22:command=SCENE_ACTIVATION,scene=11,state=1" }

Contact		NodOn_O_single			"NodOn O"			{ zwave="22:command=SCENE_ACTIVATION,scene=30,state=1" }
Contact		NodOn_O_double			"NodOn O"			{ zwave="22:command=SCENE_ACTIVATION,scene=33,state=1" }
Contact		NodOn_O_long			"NodOn O"			{ zwave="22:command=SCENE_ACTIVATION,scene=32,state=1" }
Contact		NodOn_O_release			"NodOn O"			{ zwave="22:command=SCENE_ACTIVATION,scene=31,state=1" }

Contact		NodOn_Plus_single		"NodOn Plus"		{ zwave="22:command=SCENE_ACTIVATION,scene=20,state=1" }
Contact		NodOn_Plus_double		"NodOn Plus"		{ zwave="22:command=SCENE_ACTIVATION,scene=23,state=1" }
Contact		NodOn_Plus_long			"NodOn Plus"		{ zwave="22:command=SCENE_ACTIVATION,scene=22,state=1" }
Contact		NodOn_Plus_release		"NodOn Plus"		{ zwave="22:command=SCENE_ACTIVATION,scene=21,state=1" }

Contact		NodOn_Minus_single		"NodOn Minus"		{ zwave="22:command=SCENE_ACTIVATION,scene=40,state=1" }
Contact		NodOn_Minus_double		"NodOn Minus"		{ zwave="22:command=SCENE_ACTIVATION,scene=43,state=1" }
Contact		NodOn_Minus_long		"NodOn Minus"		{ zwave="22:command=SCENE_ACTIVATION,scene=42,state=1" }
Contact		NodOn_Minus_release		"NodOn Minus"		{ zwave="22:command=SCENE_ACTIVATION,scene=41,state=1" }

After an reload of the items-file the item-update can be found in the event.log:

NodOn_Circle_single state updated to OPEN

Usage in Rules

Usage in rules is easy. Just trigger on the update of the corresponding item.

rule "Circle short press"
    Item NodOn_Circle_single received update
    //do sth
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